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Professionals Prioritized!

We know that experienced and reputable professional equestrians are crucial to bringing the most competitive horses to market! Protect your investments by listing your horses with the Equine Platform and controlling each step of the sales process. There are no hidden fees and middlemen — just $25 per horse show per week. Plus, you can save money on longer listings!

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Users can search by horse show to see what’s for sale across the country. View veterinary records, pricing, photos, videos, and more!

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No commissions, no hidden fees, no recurring fees.

Buyers pay nothing. Sellers can list their horses outside of horse shows for free. We all know that 90% of all horse sales occur at horse shows. So, if you want your horse sold, then a horse show is the place it happens. We offer horse show listing prices that are easy to understand and easy on your wallet.

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For example, purchase 12 weeks and list the same horse for 12 weeks, or list 12 horses for a week each. How you list your horses is up to you. Design your listings to meet your own needs.


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